Tips To Protect Yourself When Hiring A Mover

First Step: Get a copy of UTC’s “Moving in Washington State Guide.” Before hiring a mover, a consumer should first read Washington State’s guide to hiring a mover. This guide will include the initial step of determining if your mover has the proper permits (search here for a current list).

The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission has a variety of resources available to use when choosing a mover. Consumers should be aware of some of the major regulations under the WAC 480-15. These include the requirement that movers operating in Washington must provide a copy of Your Guide to Moving in Washington State. In addition, a consumer should understand the different types of “estimates” under the WAC. These include a binding estimate, a non-binding estimate, and a supplemental estimate. Separate and apart from liability and property damage issues, a mover may not “pay more than one hundred twenty-five percent of the estimate regardless of the total cost unless the carrier issues and the customer accepts a supplemental estimate.”¹

Washington State has historically recognized the vulnerable position individuals and families are in. If you have questions regarding whether your mover is complying with the law, you should contact an attorney or contact the Transportation Commission to launch a formal complaint.

¹WAC 480-15-630 (6)(d)(iv).